What Freelancers should know about 1099 NEC Online Form?

Do you know that due to the covid-19 pandemic there is a rapid increase in freelancing? Yes, most people are working as freelancers. If you are a part of the gig economy, you should know that there are many tax implications. 1099 NEC online form.

If you are working as a freelancer, then you should be aware of the changes that occurred in the 1099 Tax Forms. Because at the year-end you may receive “1099 NEC” for the non-employee payments that you received in the prior year. Here’s a breakdown of what freelancers should know about 1099 NEC 2022.

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When will you receive a 1099 NEC Tax Form?

Typically, you will receive 1099 NEC for the payments made in 2022 if:

  • Compensation made is apart from regular salary or wages.
  • The payer made direct sales of consumer goods on resale.
  • Federal tax is withheld under backup withholding rules.
1099 nec online form

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Example 1: Non-employee compensation

If you hire a neighboring farmer to spray, harvest, or plant your crops, then that farmer is treated as a “non-employee”. The payment made to the neighboring farmer is “non-employee compensation”. Hence, report the non-employee payments on the new “Form 1099 NEC”.

Does compensation made below $600 require “1099 NEC filing”?

The IRS recommends that taxpayers report the non-employee compensation made $600 or above on “Form 1099 NEC box 1”. This means the payments made below $600 don’t require form 1099 reporting. Therefore, ensure to check whether the payments made exceed $600 in a tax year or not.

What if the freelancer doesn’t receive a 1099 NEC at the end of the year?

In general, the individual must report the income earned apart from the regular salary of $400 or more on the tax return form to the Internal Revenue Service. So, whether you receive a 1099 Form or not, the IRS requires “1099 income” reporting on the tax return.

Which 1099 Form to issue for payments made in catching fish for 2022?

Beginning with the tax year 2022, the IRS has made several changes to 1099 information returns. Among them, payments made in catching fish are the one. Yes, from the 2021 tax year stop reporting these payments in “1099 NEC box 1”. Instead use Form 1099 MISC box 11 to report these payments. The IRS removed these payments from reporting on 1099 NEC to 1099 MISC. Box 11 of 1099 MISC was reserved previously and is now added for 2022 to report the payments made for catching fish.

So, individuals who are engaged in the trade of catching fish & receiving payments of $600 or more, be ready to receive “Form 1099 MISC” at the year-end.

Do the changes made in 1099 Information returns reflect the freelancer’s tax return?

The answer is “No”. Because whether the contractor receives a 1099 form or not, at the year-end he/she must report the income earned more than $400 on the tax return. Therefore, the changes made in the 1099 tax forms don’t reflect the freelancer’s tax return.


What Freelancers should know about the 1099 NEC Online Form? Freelancers must know whatever the 1099 Form they receive, the income earned must be reported on the income tax return form annually to the IRS. Otherwise, they may end up paying penalties.

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