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IRS authorized efile provider

IRS authorized is the best among the IRS trusted e-file providers. For many years, millions of users trust us and file their 1099 Forms with ease. Your sensitive information is 100% safe and secure in your e-file account.

efiling requirments

Efiling Requirement

Form1099Online is the e-filing software designed to produce 1099 Tax Forms in a proper format. Use our user-friendly navigation process and file IRS 1099 Forms in less than 5 minutes.


Tax Practitioner

Everyone performs a good job on their own. But during the tax season, due to multiple recipients, they may get confused and commit mistakes. Mistakes will lead to rejections. makes e-filing Form 1099 for clients simpler & easier. Manage a number of clients efficiently and effectively with no hidden contracts.


Bulk import

Businesses that have a large number of 1099 recipients choose to submit tax returns online. With the help of online filing 1099s, one can submit numerous 1099 Forms at once using the bulk upload features. Form 1099 Online provides a bulk import service to upload multiple recipient information with a single account. Besides, there is no specific knowledge needed for bulk upload of 1099 Forms. All you need to do is upload the recipient’s information in an excel sheet and transmit it to the IRS.


TIN Matching

Before submitting a 1099 Tax Form, every individual must ensure to report the correct TIN & name to the IRS. Because when you file 1099, the IRS validates whether the TIN is matching with their database. provides TIN matching features to check whether the payee or payer’s TIN matches with the IRS database.  So, you can use our TIN matching services & avoid B-notices as well as penalties and withholding. Increase the accuracy to report Form 1099s to the IRS with the help of a real-time TIN check.

free customer support

Free Customer Support

The filers who search on filing a 1099 & end up wasting time can use the customer support team. Our support team helps you by providing a solution for any tax filing questions. Because filing 1099 information returns create confusion and are a time-consuming process. With the assistance of our customer support, experts make your e-filing Form 1099 process less complicated. Face the tax season comfortably using our US-based customer support through chat, email, or call.