Is e-filing 1099 mandatory?

E-filing 1099 is the most recommended & fastest way to submit information returns to the Internal Revenue Service. So, select an IRS-approved e-file provider like & submit your tax returns 100% accurately with efiling requirements.

Paper filing Form 1099 becomes cumbersome to the individuals who go on hiring contractors rather than employees. As per the IRS norms, one must choose e-filing to submit more than 250 Forms in a year. The IRS also recommends every business owner file Form 1099 online even to submit a single information return.

How can I file Form 1099 electronically?

According to the IRS rules, you can e-file 1099 returns using Electronic System. As per publication 1220, to file using the IRS FIRE system you must have software that produces a 1099 Form in a proper format. is an IRS-authorized e-filing platform that produces tax forms accurately. Choose us to produce 1099 in the correct way & avoid Form 1099 rejection notices from the IRS.

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Do Form 1099 e-filing requirements apply separately?

Form 1099 E-Filing Requirements apply separately based on various 1099 forms. It means e-filing requirements for all original & corrected returns are variant. For example, if you are filing 300 1099 Forms & among those 40 1099 Forms requires correction. File 260 1099 forms return electronically. Also, correct 40 IRS 1099 returns either through paper or online. However, the IRS encourages you to choose e-filing even though you are filing fewer returns. Because e-filing is fast & can be quickly corrected at an affordable price.

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