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1099 int form

What is the purpose of 1099 INT Tax Form?

1099 INT 2021 fillable form is one among the series of 1099 information return forms. It is used mostly by banks, or financial institutions, or mutual fund organizations or any government agencies, etc. This tax form is specifically used to report interest income paid to individuals in a calendar year. Generally, interest income includes:

  • Interests are paid on savings accounts.
  • interest-bearing checking accounts.
  • US saving bonds.
  • Interest earned on treasury bills.

When is IRS Form 1099 INT 2021 to be filed?

Here are specific Form 1099 INT instructions 2021:

  • At least $10 or more paid as interest income, or interest on US saving bonds, or tax-exempt interest on the course of trade or business.
  • Withheld and paid any foreign tax on interest.
  • Federal income tax withheld and paid under backup withholding rules.

IRS Form 1099 INT Due Dates

You can know what the 1099 INT is due date below:

Type of filing

1099 INT Form copy


Paper filing

Copy A of Form 1099 INT to the IRS

February 28th 2022


Copy A to the IRS

March 31st 2022

Paper filing/e-filing

Recipient copy B of 1099 INT

January 31st 2022

How can I file a 1099 INT online?

You can file 1099 INT online in five simple steps:
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Create a free e-file account with an IRS authorized e-file provider. Returning users can log in with the credentials.
Add business info
New users must add the business details to which they require a 1099 INT. Existing filers can select the business which requires Form 1099 INT.
Choose the form
Among all the 1099 Tax Forms, select “Form 1099 INT” from the e-filing dashboard.
Provide accurate information
Key in accurate information like payers & payee details amount paid etc.
Submit the returns
Finally, review the tax form and eliminate the errors and transmit it to the IRS and to individuals.

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Is 1099 INT Form the same as Form 1099 DIV?

According to the IRS, IRS 1099 INT Form is used to report interest paid to the investors throughout the calendar year. Form 1099 DIV is used to report dividends & distributions paid to the shareholder in a tax year. Thus, the interest statement is one type of 1099 information return form & dividends and the distributions statement is another type. Moreover, all the 1099 tax forms look similar but are used for different purposes.

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IRS 1099 NEC Deadline for 2021

File 2021 1099 NEC form IRS should receive by January 31st, 2022
Payers must issue 1099 – NEC form Copy B to recipients on or before January 31st, 2022

1099 NEC form Paper filing deadline is on January 31st, 2022

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