Tax Season is stressful and a tedious task for most businesses. Especially on hiring individuals apart from regular employees to perform a specific task. Manual filing of Form 1099 involves the risk to report contractor income during tax season. Because paper 1099 forms reach the IRS after 4-6 weeks of submission. So, e-file Form 1099 with an IRS authorized e-file provider to have the best filing.

What is an IRS authorized e-file provider?

An authorized IRS e-file provider is a database certified by the IRS to participate in the e-filing program. Generally, the IRS provides authorization after conducting many suitability checks. This includes a credit check, tax compliance check, criminal background check, etc. Thus, your sensitive information will be in safe hands.

Does Form 1099 Online authorized by the IRS? is the IRS-approved & trusted e-file provider. Every calendar year, our e-filing software updates to meet the latest federal & state standards. We will be ready for every tax season with the latest version of the software. Our software got rigorous testing and approval process with the IRS. Millions of users trust us and file their federal tax returns securely.

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  • IRS certified e-file provider.
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