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Steps to File Form 1099 Online For 2022

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Every year, Form 1099 Online builds in to provide the fastest e-filing services. Put an end to complicated paperwork & save time by filing 1099 Forms online.

Free Customer support

One can enjoy free customer support completely US-based on Form1099online.com. Contact us via live chat, email, and phone and ask your Form 1099 filing queries. We are available 24*7 to assist you.

TIN Matching

Minimize TIN errors & 1099 correction notices from the IRS with Form 1099 Online. We provide TIN matching software for the filers to validate the payee’s legal name & TIN with the IRS database.

IRS authorized

Form 1099 Online is authorized & certified by the IRS to e-file 1099 Forms. E-file 1099 Tax Forms hassle-freely under IRS certified e-file provider for safe and secure transmissions.

Bulk import

Payers who are searching to upload numerous 1099 Forms at once can get started with Form1099online.com. Bulk import service is specially designed for the taxpayers who submit a number of tax returns online. Use the simple process of uploading multiple recipients into an excel sheet. Put an end to individual entries of recipient data & prevent duplication errors.

E-filing requirements

Every taxpayer can file 1099 forms electronically through the IRS FIRE system by using software to prepare the tax forms in an appropriate format. Form1099online.com provides the best e-filing software to file
1099 NEC forms. Use our advanced & secured process and transmit 1099 returns in less than 5 minutes.

Tax practitioner

E-file 1099 forms on behalf of your client simpler & quicker with form1099online.com. It is a cumbersome task to manage a number of clients and file their 1099 Forms online. We can help you to handle multiple payer accounts with one step login. Stop to register again & again for different payers and save time & effort with a single login.

File 1099 Forms Anywhere & Anytime

One can efile IRS 1099 form from anywhere and at any time via smartphones, laptops, & tablets conveniently. With our easy-to-use e- filing software, one can quickly import payee details, & complete the 1099 Form, and e-file them to the Internal Revenue Service in minutes. Start using Form1099online.com today & pay only when you transmit returns with us.

Form 1099 E-filing Deadline For 2022-23 Tax Year

IRS 1099 Tax Forms are filed on annual basis. So, file the tax returns within the Form 1099 Deadline & stay away from penalties

Payers must issue 1099 – NEC form Copy B to recipients on or before January 31st, 2022.

Efile 1099 NEC Form with IRS by January 31st, 2022.

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