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1099 a form

Who needs a 1099 A Tax Return?

1099 A Form is officially known as “Acquisition or Abandonment of secured property”. Fill out this United States Internal Revenue Service Form if:

  • A government unit or subsidiary agent lends money secured by the property.
  • Multiple owners for a single loan and ear undivided interests such as in pools, fixed investment trusts, etc.
  • You are a subsequent holder of a loan and reporting events occurring after transferring the loan to a new holder.
  • More than one individual lends money secured by property & the other forecloses or acquires interests and the sale terminates.

How do I Fill Out IRS 1099 A Form?

As per the IRS 1099-A instructions, the lender must provide the below information to fill out a 1099 A:

  • Lender’s business name & address, Federal Identification Number.
  • Borrower’s name & address, FIN.
  • Account number if in case the lender has multiple accounts for a borrower.
  • Date of acquisition or abandonment of the secured property in box 1.
  • Balance of outstanding debt at the time of acquisition or abandonment of the property in “box 2”.
  • The fair market value of the property is in “box 4”.
  • Check box 5 if the borrower is personally liable for repayment of the debt.
  • Describe the property in “box 6”.

When to File IRS 1099 A?

The key due dates to file 1099 A tax return are given below:

IRS 1099 A Form Copies Due Date
Paper form Copy A to the IRS February 28th, 2023
E-file Copy A to the IRS March 31st, 2023
Borrower’s Copy B January 31st, 2023

Steps to E-file 1099 A Form

Check out the steps to file 1099 A online:

Register for free– Create a free e-file account with an IRS-certified e-file provider. Or login to your e-file account with your credentials.

Choose the tax return– Select “IRS 1099 A” from the series of tax forms.

Fill in the form– Enter the necessary details like name, address, TIN, etc.

Double-check the details– Recheck the information you have provided.

Transmit the returns– Submit the tax returns to the IRS 7 to the payee within the deadline.

1099 A Vs 1099 C

Most of the payers don’t understand the difference between a 1099 A Tax Return & Form 1099 C. As per the IRS norms, a payer must use:

  • 1099 A tax return for acquisition or abandonment of the secure property in a tax period.
  • IRS 1099 C for cancellation of debt of $600 or more in connection with a foreclosure or abandonment of a secured property.
How secure is e-filing 1099 A with

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