What is Bulk Import?

The process of importing a large amount of data into a database is called “Bulk imports”. This feature helps you to import multiple records at once for a tax year. Bulk import helps the filers to upload numerous recipients or payee’s information into one single Excel sheet. The Excel sheet that consisting of multi-payer or recipient info that can be transmitted to the IRS with a single click.

When to Use the Bulk Upload Feature?

Filing individual 1099 Forms with multiple payer/recipient data is time-consuming. It becomes a tedious task for organizations that deal in hiring numerous 1099 contractors. To avoid the never-ending process, the IRS has introduced bulk uploading features for taxpayers who submit IRS 1099 Forms online.

The bulk uploading feature is useful when submitting multiple 1099 Forms for a tax period. Using our feature, one can easily avoid duplication errors & experience successful Form 1099 filing. Besides, with a single e-file account, you can have multiple access. Thus, individuals can bulk import numerous 1099 Forms with a single e-file account.

How Do You Bulk Imports Payer/recipient Data?

Here are the steps to bulk import payer/recipient info:

Bulk Upload Payer Details

Multiple payers can e-file 1099 Forms easily with the help of the Form1099Online bulk upload feature. Also, you can bulk upload payer details through an Excel template or CSV template. Follow the below steps to bulk import payer data:

  • Download the Excel sheet/ CSV template from Form1099online.com & add the payer information.
  • Or else, fill in the payer details in your own excel sheet.
  • Upload the filled-in template into our software.
  • Review the data provided in the template.
  • Import the payee details into our software.
Bulk Upload Payee Details

Using the bulk import feature you can file various 1099 Forms with multiple recipients. Follow the below steps to import payee details:

  • Choose the template i.e., your own Excel sheet, or download the Excel sheet online from Form1099online.com.
  • Add the recipient details on the tax form.
  • Upload the template into our software.
  • Map the Excel columns to the respective forms.
  • Preview the information.
  • Import the data.
  • Transmit to the IRS.

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