Frequently Asked Questions

Is IRS authorized?

Yes. Form1099Online an IRS authorized e-file provider & has undergone numerous suitability checks to participate in the e-file program.

Does require a registration fee?

No, the sign-up process is free of cost. You need to pay only when You submit a 1099 tax return with us.

Can I file multiple 1099 Forms for businesses/payers using my one account?

Yes. You can file Form 1099s for multiple businesses/payers because our e-filing system software allows the Single Sign-On feature. Also, SSO features help You to manage multiple businesses/payer information under a single e-file account.

Does your system store my credit card information?

Form1099Online neither stores Your credit card information nor makes it accessible for third-party networks.

How much does e-filing costs with

The cost of e-filing depends on the number of tax returns You are filing in a calendar year.

Do I need to file Form 1096?

No, You do not need to file Form 1096 if You’re submitting Your 1099 Forms online. Moreover, Form 1096 needs for paper filing Form 1099 only.

Can I import/upload data into your e-filing software?

You can import or upload bulk data into our e-filing system conveniently with our feature Bulk Upload.

What are the various 1099 Forms does support? supports e-filing services for 1099 MISC, NEC, K, INT, DIV, R, S & A Tax Forms.

Do I need to pay additional charges for 1099 customer support?

No, don’t need to pay additional charges for customer support. Furthermore, our experts’ advice is free & available via live chat, email, or phone

Can I recover my account forgotten password?

Yes, By clicking on “Forgot password”, our e-filing system sends You an email. Reset the password in minutes & create a new one.

Can I correct Form 1099 if I filed previously using a different server?

You can correct 1099 with Form1099online even if You filed previously using a different server.

Does Form1099Online support e-file/print/mail services?

Yes, You can use for e-file/print/mail or e-file only.

Is it possible to check the status of the 1099 forms that You have submitted on

Yes, You can check the status of the 1099 forms You’ve submitted. To view the status of any submitted forms: login to Your e-file account & click on “Check status”.

What’s Form 1099?

Form 1099 is an information return form used to report income paid/earned other than regular salary or wages throughout the tax year. There are nearly 20 different series of 1099 Tax Form. Each 1099 form reports a different type of income.

Which 1099 Form Do I Use?

Generally, payers use:
Form 1099 MISC- To report miscellaneous income;
1099 NEC – To report non-employee compensation;
IRS 1099 K- To report third-party network transactions;
1099 INT – To report interest income;
Form 1099 DIV- To report dividends & distributions;
1099 R- Distributions from annuities, pensions, profit-sharing plans, etc.
IRS Form 1099 A – Abandonment & acquisition of property; and many more.

Why 1099 Form is Used?

A 1099 Tax Return is used to report income earned by the independent contractors & to stop underreporting income on the income tax returns.

When will Form 1099 be mailed?

Forms 1099 are supposed to be mailed out by January 31st.

Is the 1099 Form the same as W-2?

No, 1099 Tax Return & a W-2 Form are not the same. On the other hand 1099 Form used to report independent contractor income. A W-2 form is used to report income paid to the employee throughout the tax year.

When is form 1099 due For 2022-23?

The deadline to Efile IRS 1099 MISC, NEC, INT, DIV, R, S, K, A is March 31st, 2023. Furthermore, the Deadline to File the 1099 NEC Form is January 31st, 2023

Where to file Form 1099?

File 1099 Tax Form online with an IRS-approved 1099 E-file service provider.

Who files Form 1099?

1099 Form is filed by business individuals, banks, mutual fund organizations, financial institutions, etc who make payments to individuals who will not treat as employees.

Where to send the 1099 Tax Form?

The taxpayer must issue Form 1099 copies to the IRS, to the contractors. Also, to the state tax departments within the Form 1099 Deadline.

Do 1099 Forms have Social Security Number?

Yes, 1099 Forms have SSN which the IRS uses to evaluate the underreporting income of the contractor.

Can I file a Form 1099 online for free?

No, businesses can’t file a 1099 Tax Form online for free. Instead, they can sign up for free with an IRS authorized e-file provider like

Can I file my IRS 1099 Tax Form next year?

Form 1099 Filing depends on the individual whom You hire and the amount of compensation paid to perform work for Your business. Also, if the individual is a contractor and the payments made exceed $600, then a 1099 Form is mandatory.

Can I send the 1099 Tax Return electronically?

Yes, You can send a 1099 Tax Form electronically with an IRS-certified E-file provider.

Can You still file 1099 paper tax returns?

It depends on the number of 1099 returns that You are submitting in a tax period. Also, Filing 1099 through Paper is possible if You are filing less than 250 information returns for a year.

Do 1099 Forms have to be filed electronically?

E-file 1099 is mandatory if You are submitting more than 250 information returns. Moreover, the IRS recommends choosing e-file Form 1099 for every taxpayer.

Do I need to file an IRS 1099 Form?

Businesses need to file a 1099 Form if the person whom they hire works for their business but not as an employee. Furthermore, if the compensation paid to the individual is apart from the regular salary or wages.

How do I confirm the IRS received my 1099 tax return?

You can check the status of Your submitted 1099 Form by providing Your reference number.

How do I send a 1099 Form to a contractor?

Taxpayers can send Copy B of Form 1099 to the contractors either using USPS mail or else postal mail to the recipient’s address.

How far behind is the IRS with 1099 paper returns?

1099 paper returns take nearly 4-6 weeks from the date of filing to the IRS offices. Also, the IRS encourages every taxpayer to E-file 1099 even for a single tax return.

Is the IRS accepting E-file 1099 returns now?

Yes, the IRS started accepting 1099 returns for the tax period 2022-23.

What happens if You don’t file a 1099 Tax Form?

In case, if You fail to file Form 1099 within the deadline, the IRS subjects You to pay penalties along with interests up to 6 months.

What is the deadline for 1099 tax forms to mail?

The due date to mail paper 1099 returns to the IRS is “February 28th” of every tax year.

What is the IRS deadline for E-file 1099?

The deadline to e-file 1099 Tax Form Copy A to the IRS annually is “March 31st”.

How long does it take the IRS to receive a 1099 Form through fax?

Businesses can fax the information returns to the IRS in minutes. On the other hand, the IRS takes 2 weeks from the date of sending to respond to fax. Also, in case, If You filed 1099 returns with incorrect info, it may take longer.