1099 NEC Filing Circumstances | Form 1099 NEC 2021 Online Filing

1099 NEC filing circumstances: Did you pay a person for working for your business or trade of about $600? Does that person work as a part of your business? If “No”, then report the payments made to a non-employee through the 1099 NEC Tax Form.

1099 NEC Tax Form reports only for non-employee payments. We’ll let you know about the 1099 NEC form filing circumstances, what you report through the 1099 NEC Form for the 2020 tax year.

1099 NEC Filing Circumstances

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What do you report through 1099 NEC for the 2021 tax year?

Form 1099 NEC used by businesses who act as clients to report payments made for performing work to an individual who is not their employee. The term “non-employee” stands for every independent contractor, freelancer, and any other self-employed individual who performs services for the taxpayer on the course of business or trade.

Payments made to the person who isn’t on your workforce, not your employee, and not on your payroll needed to report on IRS Form 1099 NEC. 1099 NEC Form reports the payments made on a course of business or trade. If you paid commissions to non-employee salespeople, then report the payments through Printable 1099 NEC Form. Issue this tax form not only to individuals but also to partnerships, estates, and corporations.

Who needs to send 1099 NEC Filing?

All the businesses must send a 1099 NEC Tax Form for paying non-employee compensation if all the five conditions are met:

  • Payments made with someone who does not work as an employee.
  • It is made to perform services in the course of business or trade.
  • If you paid non-employee compensation, to a person or a partnership, or a corporation.
  • The non-employee compensation paid to a person about $600 or more.
  • Payments made with a non-employee are during the calendar year.

Who must receive the Federal Tax 1099 NEC Tax Form?

Form 1099 NEC received by:

Independent contractors

Before the 2020 tax year, if you were carrying out the business activity through a small business and hired an independent contractor. The independent contractor is a person who works for business or trade, but not as an employee. Form 1099 NEC received by the independent contractor when the payments made are about $600 or more. The independent contractor needs to check whether the payments made and payments entered in the 1099 NEC Form are correct. As the payments received by the independent contractor are reported through the information return form.


If you made money from freelancing work in 2020, you’ll receive a new tax Form 1099 NEC. This replaces the 1099 MISC Form which the companies have to send when you earn more than $600. A freelancer is a person who works for a business and performs services.

LLC, sole proprietorship

A Limited Liability Company is a type of business entity defined by state law. An individual carrying out business or trade as an LLC is considered a single-member LLC. A sole proprietorship is a business or trade owned and operated by a single person. In general, any time if your business buys products i.e. a total of more than $600 from a single individual or LLC during the year, you need to file a 1099 NEC Tax Form for that person.

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When do 1099 NEC Form exceptions to the minimum threshold?

The following two conditions are the exceptions of the 1099 NEC Form, where the minimum threshold of $600 not needed:

Federal tax withheld

1099 NEC Tax Form falls under federal tax withholding if the taxpayer provides incorrect TIN or the TIN entered mismatched. Then the Printable 1099 NEC Form falls under federal tax withheld under backup withholding rules. The taxpayers need to enter the amount of federal tax withheld when filing the next tax returns.

State tax withheld

In some situations, you need to file a 1099 NEC tax Form with the state if you withheld state taxes. If the tax amount you’re reporting more than the state tax amount, then you need to file IRS 1099 NEC form with the respective state. If you’re filing a 1099 NEC Tax Form with the state, then you need state tax ID, state name, and state tax withholding amount. File the 1099 NEC Form 2020 with the IRS as well as to the State Tax Department.

Who shouldn’t receive the 1099 NEC form?

Businesses shouldn’t send the 1099 NEC Form to


A C-corporation refers to any corporation that taxed separately from its owners. Generally, C-corporation not taxed separately. Business individuals need not send the 1099 NEC Form to the C-corporations, as their taxes are not separately taxed.


An S-corporation- A type of corporation that meets the specific Internal Revenue Code requirements. S-corporations don’t receive IRS 1099 NEC Tax Form.


Employees are the person who works as a part of business and enjoy all the benefits as an employee. 1099 NEC Form doesn’t report the payments made to an employee.

Due date to issue 1099 NEC Form

As we know, for the past few years the non-employee compensations report through the 1099 MISC Form by February 28th every year. Due to the Americans PATH Act 2015, the due date to file non-employee compensations through 1099 MISC Forms changed from February 28th to January 31st every tax year. This created the filers lots of confusion and faced unexpected penalties and fines. This made the IRS re-introduce the 1099 NEC Form.

The non-employee compensations for the 2020 tax year reports through the 1099 NEC Tax Form. The due date to file 1099 NEC either for electronic filing or submitting paper forms the same. File 1099 NEC Tax Form for the 2020 tax year by February 1st, 2021 respectively.

1099 NEC Filing Details

Finally, did you get a clear view of the 1099 NEC form filing circumstances for the 2020 tax year? Then why you’re late the due date to file the 1099 NEC tax Form nearby. Also, gather the required information to file the 1099 NEC Form online. Form1099Online the best IRS-certified e-file provider. Therefore, you can file the 1099 NEC form with us safely and securely.

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