File 1099 S Online – 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you know that IRS Form 1099 Filing season has begun? Yes, File 1099 S Online season has started. During filing season, most of them go on searching the reporting rules, or changes made in the current tax year.

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So, below you can find the most commonly asked questions on filing the 1099 S Tax Form online. Read on the queries and start filing your 1099 S as early as possible to avoid rejections and as well as penalties.

What is IRS form 1099-s used for?

IRS Form 1099 S is commonly known as “Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions”. It is used to report proceeds from sales or exchange of real estate payments to the IRS. The real estate transactions include the sale or exchange of money, indebtedness, property, or services of present or future ownership interest in:

  • Land (improved/unimproved), including air space
  • Permanent structures.
  • Stock in a cooperative housing corporation
  • No contingent interest in standing timber
  • A condominium unit etc.

file 1099 s online

File 1099 S Online

What do 1099-s look like?

Here’s a rundown of Form 1099 S:

Filer’s details– This includes Filer’s Name, Address, and Telephone Number Box;

Transferors details– Transferor’s Name and Address Box.

Account Number– If the payer has multiple accounts.

1. Date of Closing– enter the date of closing.

2. Gross Proceeds– Enter the amount received on the sale or exchange of real estate.

3. Address- This includes the City, State, and ZIP Code or Legal Description of the property.

4- check box- Check the box if the Transferor received or Will Receive Property or Services as part of the Consideration

5- check the box- Check Here if the Transferor is a Foreign Person

6- Buyer’s Part of Real Estate Tax- Enter the real estate tax paid which is allocable to the buyer in advance.

 When are 1099-S due for 2022?

For the real estate transactions made in 2022, the individual must file a 1099 S Form in the tax year 2023. So, here are the deadline details of “IRS Form 1099 S”:

Copy A to the IRS paper file by “February 28th, 2023”

1099 S Copy A to the IRS e-file by “March 31st, 2023”.

Mail the recipient copy B by “February 15th, 2023”.

 Who is exempt from 1099 s?

Given below are the list of transaction that was not reported on “Form 1099 S”:

  • Sale or exchange of property including cooperative housing corporation of $250,000 or less excluded as gross income under section 121.
  • Any real estate transaction held in which the transferors is a C or S corporation member.
  • Real estate transactions are not on sale or exchange.
  • Transactions held full or partial satisfaction of a debt secured by the property.
  • A de-Minimis transfer for less than $600.
What incurs IRS Form 1099 S penalties?

Generally, the IRS recommends every business owner file 1099 Information to report the payments made to individuals. Also, it instructs every contractor to report the 1099 income on their tax return. If anyone fails to do so, they are subjected to penalties. Here are the reasons why the IRS imposes penalties:

  • Fail to file a 1099 machine-readable Form.
  • Paper filed 1099 instead of e-file when required.
  • Missing the required info on the respective 1099 Form.
  • Filing a 1099 Form with inaccurate info.
  • Reporting incorrect TIN on Form 1099.
  • Failure to provide TIN.

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