Last day to file 1099 NEC & MISC Forms Online

Businesses have a “January 31st, 2023” deadline to provide Form 1099 NEC copy B to the recipient. The last day for filing 1099 NEC Form online to the IRS for the payments made in 2022 is “January 31st, 2023”. Also, the 1099 MISC Form is due to the IRS electronically by “March 31st, 2023”. Recipient copy B must be issued by “January 31st, 2023”. So, file Form 1099 MISC & NEC Online today.

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Why file Form 1099 NEC & MISC Today?

file 1099 nec & misc forms online

As we know, a new tax year brings filing 1099 tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service. Yes, because the IRS wants to minimize the underreporting income. Hence, every business owner who hires contractors & pays them throughout the year for performing work to file the respective 1099 forms. For those who fail to file the 1099 Form within the Form 1099 Deadline, the IRS subjects penalties that are imposed along with interests. So, to avoid unnecessary penalties it’s better to file Form 1099 NEC & MISC Online today i.e., January 31st, 2023.
As discussed earlier, businesses will be subjected to penalties and interests that are heavy and hefty. Here are the penalties & interests details:

E-File 1099 NEC

How to e-file Form 1099 Non-Employee Compensation Online in 2022 with Form1099Online?

Returning user or a new filer, Form1099Online is the best e-filing platform to file Form 1099 NEC, MISC, K, R, A, INT, DIV, S & many more Online. We support e-filing to the IRS and as well as to the state by providing step-by-step complete guidance. Also, we offer a USPS mail service in which you can send recipient copies hassle-freely within no time. Moreover, we offer bulk upload Form 1099 in which you can file multiple 1099 Form at one click with 256-bit security encrypted networks. With the help of TIN matching software, IRS audit support minimizes last-minute Form 1099 errors.

Here’s How to file Form 1099 Online

Follow these simple steps & easily e-file Form 1099 NEC & MISC Online with us:

  • Sign in / Sign Up with Form1099Online
  • Add Business Details
  • Choose Form 1099 from the e-filing dashboard.
  • Or else, check which 1099 Form do you need to file here(
  • Enter the details in the respective fields.
  • Review the information.
  • Transmit the Form to the IRS/state as low as never before.

Choose Form1099Online to submit a single form 1099 or in bulk with affordable pricing along with 100% security. Relevant Form 1099 K, INT, DIV, R, A, S copy A is due to the IRS on March 31st, 2023, and copy B to the recipient on January 31st, 2023. Hurry up! It’s the last day to file 1099 NEC & MISC Forms Online.

Easy 1099 Misc Online Filing