A Complete Guide on How to File 1099-R Online Using the IRS E-File

Form 1099 Filing season is already underway. Businesses are busy filing their respective 1099 r online Form. Those who are unable to file within the deadline can still file 1099 Forms within 3 months after the deadline with a penalty. On the other hand, those who have requested an extension of time can start filing their 1099 Forms.

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Distributions are the most common thing that one may receive or may make throughout the tax year. If the distributions are made from a retirement plan, or IRA, annuity, then you need to issue “Form 1099 R”. So, let us have a look at the complete guide on how to file 1099 R Online using IRS E-file.

How do I File 1099 R Form Electronically?

Most of the taxpayers who are new to filing a 1099 R Online are confused about how to E-file 1099 R Forms. Because manual filing and e-filing may differ. For manual filing, you will collect forms & fill in the form manually. In E-filing, the form is the same but the process is different. Because you need to choose an IRS-certified e-file provider to file your 1099 Forms. This is a tedious task because when you search for an IRS authorized e-file provider you may end up in bulk. Form1099Online is the leading e-file platform where you can file multiple 1099 Forms at one place with a single e-file account.

file 1099 r online

File 1099 R Online

Here’s how to e-file 1099 R Form Online with Form1099Online:
  • Get started by signup at Form1099Online.
  • Choose “1099 R Form” from the e-filing dashboard.
  • Fill in the Form 1099 R Boxes correctly.
  • Review the information.
  • Click on Submit Button.

In this way, you can file Form 1099 R in bulk with a single click.

Can I file for free with a 1099-R?

In general, you can create a free e-file account with an IRS authorized e-file provider. But you need to pay a service charge for using the e-file provider to submit your 1099 Form electronically. Hence, one can’t file the 1099 R Form Online for free.

How long do you have to file a 1099-R?

It is not mandatory to file 1099 R Tax Returns every year. The IRS requires Form 1099 R Filing only if the distributions made are from retirement, IRA, pensions, annuities accounts of $10 or more. In case, if the distributions made throughout the tax year don’t exceed $10, then there is no need to file a 1099 R. Therefore, how long do you need to file a 1099 R depends on the distributions you make and the sum of the number of distributions made in a calendar year.

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