Form 1099 NEC Vs 1099 MISC- What’s New for 2022

Form 1099 NEC Vs 1099 MISC- What’s New for 2022: Did you know about the changes in 1099 MISC & 1099 NEC? If “no”, then you need to know about the specific changes made in the tax forms. If you hire a contractor to perform work on a course of business, you must file 1099 Tax Forms. Independent contractor’s payments are reported on 1099 MISC & Form 1099 NEC. Read the complete article about Form 1099 NEC Vs 1099 MISC- What’s New for 2022

Confusing right? The two forms look similar but they use for different purposes. 1099 MISC Tax Form is used to report miscellaneous income. and Form 1099 NEC is used to report non-employee compensation. Know about the changes made on the two tax forms clearly and avoid 1099 rejections.

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Changes in Form 1099 MISC for 2022

Here are the major changes made on IRS Form 1099 MISC for 2022:

Federal 1099 MISC title change

For the tax year 2022, the title for Form 1099 MISC has changed. Previously, it was “Miscellaneous Income”. But from 2022, it will be “Miscellaneous Information”. This means 1099 MISC is used to report miscellaneous information to the IRS.

Printable 1099 MISC box 11

In the prior year’s form, box 11 was empty. But for 2022, Form 1099 MISC box 11 includes any reporting under section 6050R. This includes cash payments made for purchasing fish for resale purposes. Or else, payments are made to purchase fish from an individual who is engaged in the trade of catching fish, etc.

Changes in IRS Form 1099 NEC

Given below are three specific changes made in the boxes of Federal Form 1099 NEC:

Box 1

In 2020, payers need to report payments of fish purchases from an individual involved in the trade of catching fish. But from the tax year 2021, box 1 will not be used to report any items under section 6050R reporting.

Box 2

In the previous year, Form 1099 NEC box 2 was reserved. For the tax period 2022, payers can use box 2 to report any sales of $5,000 or more of consumer products for resale on a buy-sell basis.

Resize 1099 NEC

The height of the tax form 1099 NEC was minimized in 2022 in such a way that it can accommodate 3 forms on a page.

Do the changes influence Form 1099 MISC reporting requirements?

Yes, the changes made in 1099 MISC influence the reporting requirements of the tax form. This means the taxpayers must follow the 2022 general instructions of the form. You must file the Federal 1099 MISC Tax Form:

  • The payments of at least 10 as royalties, tax-exempt interests, and broker payments in place of dividends are in box 2.
  • At least $600 as rents in box 1, prizes or awards, or other income n box 3, and any fishing boat proceeds in box 5.
  • $600 or more for medical and health care expenses in box 6, substitute in place of dividends in box 8. Crop insurance proceeds are in box 9, and gross proceeds are in box 10.
  • Use box 11 to report payments made for purchasing fish.
  • Section 409A deferrals in box 12, golden parachute payments in box 13, Non-qualified deferred compensation in box 14.
  • Federal tax withholding in box 4 & state tax withheld in boxes 15-17.

Use 1099 MISC box 7 to report direct sales of $5,000 or more of consumer products for resale on a deposit or commission basis.

IRS Form 1099 E file

What is the specific instruction for filing the 1099 NEC Tax Form?

Given below the specific instructions for filing Form 1099 NEC for the payments made in 2022:

  • Report the payments of $600 or more paid for services on the course of business who is not your employee in box 1.
  • Include payments made to attorneys like fees and services in box 1.
  • Use box 2 to report direct sales of $5,000 or more of consumer products to an individual on a buy-sell basis.
  • Federal income tax is withheld under backup withholding rules in box 4 of the form.
  • State information is reported on boxes 5-7.

Please make sure that don’t report the cash payments made to purchase a fish in box 1 of IRS 1099 NEC. Instead, you can include cash payments made for the purchase of fish for resale purposes in box 2 of the form.

Which 1099 Tax Form do I need for 2022?

Due to the changes made on 1099 MISC & Form 1099 NEC payers may get confused about which 1099 Tax Form to use. As per the IRS norms, the common payment that is reported in 1099 MISC & 1099 NEC is “direct sales”. So, if you report direct sales in 1099 NEC box 2, then you need to file the tax form by “January 31st”. Or else, if you use 1099 MISC to report the direct sales on box 7, you can file the tax form by “March 31st. Thus, you can use 1099 MISC or 1099 NEC to report the direct sales of consumer products.

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