The IRS Warns Taxpayers to File Early This Year 2022

The Tax season is already ahead. The IRS starts accepting 2022-23 returns from January 24th. But this tax season would be a chaotic one. Because IRS warns taxpayers must file their tax returns early. This is due to there would be a delay when processing their returns.

Finally, it may affect in delay sending your refunds this year. Since the IRS is busy with last year’s backlog & staffing issues. Let us find out why the IRS warns the taxpayers to file early in 2022 below:

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Why the IRS warns taxpayers to file early?

The IRS has declared that the business owners, individuals, taxpayers, etc file their 1099 tax returns as early as possible. Most of them were in confusion why this tax season has begun with a warning. But the reason behind this warns “the IRS has not yet still processed the individual tax returns sent by the taxpayers as of December 23rd, 2021. Because there were only a few workers to handle individual calls in the first half of the 2021 tax season.

irs warns tax payers about refunds

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When will be the refunds be sent back to the taxpayers for 2022?

In general, most of the tax refunds sent back to the taxpayers within 21 days from the date of filing the tax returns. But for 2022, the IRS may take a longer time than usual. Because there are 6 million unprocessed returns of the prior year. Also, nearly 2 million amended returns & still there, the IRS processing the corrections.

What to do to avoid rejections as well as penalties?

The best way to avoid unexpected penalties & rejections to file as early as possible. Yes, filing early will give you sufficient time to correct errors. Also, the chances of being rejected zero. Finally, there will be no reason for the IRS to impose penalties. Be free from unnecessary penalty risk imposed with interests.

How it is possible to file a tax return early?

As we know, we can file the tax returns either manually or electronically. But, manually filing tax returns consumes time & also it may take nearly a few weeks to reach the IRS office. Compared to manual filing, filing a tax return electronically takes less time & also processed to the IRS in minutes. Therefore, whether it’s a peak tax season or not, the IRS encourages the taxpayers to file online early.

Why file with Form1099Online?

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Hurry up! File your 1099 forms hassle-freely before anyone else & reduce the stress of filing tax forms in a hectic tax season. The IRS servers will be slow as there a number of amended returns & prior year returns to process.