IRS Provides Different Types Of Form 1099’s

IRS Provides Different Types Of Form 1099’s: Internal Revenue Service provides different 1099 tax forms for reporting different types of payments with the IRS and recipient. A filer who wants to file business-related payments must use IRS 1099 Information Returns.

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1099 forms not used for reporting personal payments. Generally, Filer selects the tax form based on the type of payment. If the filer selects the incorrect 1099, then he has a chance to pay the IRS 1099 Penalties. IRS adds a new 1099-NEC 2020 in the Form 1099 series. A filer who wants to use 1099 information returns must know the IRS updates.

IRS Provides Different Types Of Form 1099’s

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Various IRS 1099 Tax Forms

Filer selects 1099 based on the type of payment and must use the proper 1099 for reporting payments with the IRS. Here, we provide details about the 2020 Tax Forms.

1099-Misc for Reporting Various Payments

Businesses and individuals use the Federal Tax 1099-Misc Form used for reporting various types of payments such as rents, royalties, medical and health care payments, and prizes and awards. The I099-Misc form is used for reporting various types of payments so this form is called the miscellaneous form.

1099-NEC for reporting NEC compensation

Internal Revenue Service reintroduces the new 1099-NEC 2021 Form for reporting non-employee payments like independent contractor payments. Filers use 1099-Misc box 7 for reporting NEC payments before introducing the 1099-NEC

1099-DIV Form

1099-DIV is used for reporting dividends and distributions. Generally, form 1099-DIV  used by banks and other financial institutions to report dividends and other distributions to taxpayers and the IRS.

1099-R Form

Form 1099-R is a tax form. Particularly, this tax form used for reporting distributions from pensions, annuities, retirement or profit-sharing plans, IRAs, etc. 

1099-INT Form

1099-INT is the IRS tax form. This information returned used to report interest income to the IRS and recipient. The form provided by all payers of interest income to investors at year-end. This Form includes a breakdown of all types of interest income and related charges.


1099 K Form filed if you have an entity and have at least 200 transactions and at least $20,000 in sales during the year. The transactions are processed by third-party payment processors such as PayPal and Google Checkout. This form also provided by credit card payment processors.

1099-B Form

Particularly, brokers or mutual fund companies must file this 1099-B when you sell a stock. This form displays the amount and date of the sale and gives cost basis information.


This information return used to report unemployment payments, state and local income tax refunds, agricultural payments, and taxable grants.

 Why 1099 Forms are Sent to the Recipient? 

 The payer must file the form for individuals, businesses, contract workers based on the type of payment. For instance, if the payer hires a contractor for business growth and paid more than $600 for business growth, then the payer must file a 1099-NEC with the IRS. And send printable 1099-NEC 2021 to the contract worker before the deadline. The recipient uses this tax form to file the federal taxes with the IRS. Even if a contract worker not able to get a tax form he must file taxes to the federal agency.

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IRS Provides Different Types Of Form 1099’s: As a 1099 filer, you must report the payment by using the proper 1099. If you don’t use the proper form for reporting payments with the IRS, then you have a chance to pay the penalties. To avoid penalties, you must use the proper form to file the payments with the IRS and recipient. 

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