Is it mandatory to file 1099 R Online? When is the deadline?

What’s the Form 1099 R filing deadline for 2022? And how to request an extension with the IRS? Does the IRS FIRE system allow you to file 1099 r online? These are some of the queries that most people ask during tax season.

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As per the IRS, using the IRS FIRE system one can register as an “e-file service provider”. But there is no free filing 1099 with the IRS FIRE system. Instead, you can register for free with an IRS-approved e-file provider & pay the processing fee to submit 1099 Forms online to the IRS.

Is it mandatory to file an IRS 1099 R tax return?

In general, it is not mandatory to file a 1099 R tax Return for every business. But if the distributions made fall within the reporting requirements, then it will be become obligatory to file the tax form. If you don’t file when the distributions made meet the reporting threshold, then you could be penalized. For mandatory Form 1099 R Filing, the reporting requirements are determined by other factors. Such as distributions from the retirement plan, annuities, etc. Let us have a look at Form 1099 R reporting requirements for 2022.

When do I need to file my 2022 Form 1099 R tax return?

According to the IRS, file 1099 R Tax Return if the distributions made from:

  • Pensions, Annuities, Retirement plans, profit-sharing plans, IRAs, insurance contracts, etc.
  • For whom you have made a designated distribution of $10 or more from pensions, retirement plans, survivor income benefits plans, permanent disability payments under life insurance contracts, etc.
  • Death benefits made by employers apart from a pension, profit-sharing, etc.

The deadline to file your federal 1099 R tax return to the Internal Revenue Service is “February 28th, 2023(paper file)” & “March 31st, 2023(e-file). If you can’t file the tax return within the deadline, then you must request an extension of the deadline.

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Even with the extension, you still have to file within 30 days

Yes, the IRS clearly states that the extension of 1099 Tax Returns is only 30 days. So, businesses that fall under-reporting 1099 R must start filing the tax return within a few days of requesting an extension. Otherwise, the penalty for intentional disregards will be high than expected.

On the contrary, even if you request an extension of time, you must file a 1099 R Tax Return regardless of the regular deadline. So that you can avoid any possibilities of penalties and interests.

Required documentation to file your tax return

This is the info required to complete IRS 1099 R Form:

  • Payer Details: This includes the payer’s name, EIN/SSN, and address
  • Recipient Details: This includes the payee’s name, EIN/Social Security, and address
  • Federal Details: Type of distribution received and federal tax withheld
  • State Filing Details: This includes State Income, Payer State Number, and State Taxes Withheld

Note: Make sure not to report payments subject to withholding of social security and Medicare taxes on “Form 1099 R”.

File Printable 1099 R electronically

As per the IRS norms, e-file Form 1099 mandatory for those businesses who are filing more than 250 information returns in a tax year. Moreover, the IRS recommends every taxpayer e-file 1099 even for a single tax return. So, whether it is a single 1099 R return or in bulk, e-file is the easy way. Along with quick form 1099 filing, security also important. Thus, easy e-file 1099 R with a secure IRS-approved e-file provider.

How long it will take to e-file 1099 R?

Probably, it will take nearly 5 minutes or less than 5 minutes to file 1099 R online. Because online filing 1099 information returns are submitted to the IRS immediately. Also, it consumes less time compared to manual filing. Because in manual filing 1099 R, the maximum time consumed in searching & you may end up wasting the time. But e-file 1099 R with the best 1099 e-file provider, helps you in assisting to file by providing step-by-step complete guidance. Moreover, the taxpayers who are new to e-file experience the ease of filing a 1099 R Online.

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