Learn about the Requirements E-file 1099 K in your State

When you submit a 1099 form from the tax form view on the dashboard, the Form 1099 E-file provider submits the form to all states participating in the IRS and the Federal / State Combined Filing (CFSF) program. For states that are not part of the CFSF program or need to be submitted directly to a state, we will provide you with the reports you need to submit to any state. E-File 1099 K.

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The CFSF program supports Forms 1099K, 1099MISC, and 1099NEC, so federal applications handle filing in supported states. In some states, despite participating in the CFSF program, you must submit it directly to the state. Read on to learn about the requirements to e-file 1099 K in your state.

requirements e-file 1099 K in your state

Start E-File 1099 K Form

Steps to Prepare to e-file 1099 K with the states

Prepare for filing 1099 K Online with each state by following these steps:

Choose the 1099 tax form from the e-filing Dashboard

Select the 1099 tax form you are gone to e-file: 1099-K, 1099-NEC, or 1099-MISC. Every state has its own requirements. So, if you are filing 1099 K online, then choose “Form 1099 K” from the e-filing dashboard.

Identify the state in which the connected account is located

In the dashboard, you can export a CSV file that contains state information or filter by recipient status.

Decide which state to submit

A state tax registration ID is also required for 1099 filings in some states. To determine where your online state account and ID may be required, refer to the table in the “State Review Form 1099 Requirements” section.

Add state tax registration ID

When you receive your state tax registration ID, add the state you are filing and the appropriate state tax registration ID to your tax form settings page.

File 1099 K online with Form1099Online

When you’re ready to submit the form to the state, access the state portal with the account you created and submit the report you downloaded from the Export and Import tab. Form1099Online can resolve issues related to the state filing process by contacting Customer Support.

In some states, you will need to mail the 1099 form or submit the Pub1220 state file on CD or other electronic media. Please refer to the state filing to determine your state’s submission requirements. (Internal link of states required to file)

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