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5 Easy Steps to E-file Your 1099 NEC Return

Our easy-to-use Do-it-Yourself 1099 tax return filing platform is designed to help you in filing Form 1099 Online hassle-freely. Here are the steps to file 1099 NEC online

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Who should receive a 1099 NEC For the payments made in 2021?

According to the IRS 2021 guidelines, individuals receive the 1099 NEC Form by the end of the tax period i.e., January 31st, 2022 if:

  • He/she performs services & receives compensation apart from regular salary.
  • Amount paid is more than $600 in a tax year.
  • Direct sales of consumer products on resale totaling $5,000 or more.
new IRS 1099 NEC Form 2020 requirements

IRS Form 1099 NEC Boxes Information

1099 NEC Box 1 – Non-employee Compensation

Compensations paid to an individual, partnership, corporation, and estate for performing services related to the business are reported on “Box1” of 1099 NEC. For example, Fee paid to attorneys for performing legal services related to business. Commissions, prizes or rewards, oil & gas payments for working interest. Also, payments made by the federal executive agencies to vendors for services, including payments to corporations, etc.

Federal Form 1099 NEC Box 2 – Direct Sales

If the payer made direct sales totaling $5,000 or more of consumer products for resale of buy-sell basis or deposit or commission basis. Then report the direct sales on Box 2 of Form 1099 NEC.

Printable 1099 NEC Box 4 – Federal Tax withheld

Enter the federal income tax withheld from the payments made to the recipients under backup withholding rules on “Form 1099 NEC Box 4”.

Fillable 1099 NEC B0xes 5-7 – State Info

Boxes 5,6,7 are used if the state taxes are withheld. Enter the state taxes withheld in Box 5, payer’s state tax ID in box 6, & income withheld in box 7 of 1099 NEC.

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1099 NEC Form Filing Due Date

In brief, a filer must report the 1099 NEC Form to the Internal Revenue Service as well as the recipient by January 31st. Internal Revenue Service compares taxpayer income by using 1099 income. Further, If a taxpayer does not pay accurate taxes or ignore to file the taxes, then IRS identifies easily. Non-employees use a 1099 tax form for paying accurate federal taxes with the IRS.

A 1099 NEC form is a tax form and it is used for reporting non-employee payments like contractor payments. Besides, the 1099 Misc form has different deadlines for reporting various payments. Hence, Payers are confused about form 1099 Misc filing deadlines. So, IRS reuses the 1099 NEC form for reporting non-employee payments.

No. Only box 7 of 1099 Misc Form replaces 1099 NEC. Because Form 1099 Misc is used for reporting remaining all miscellaneous income payments. Moreover, 1099 NEC is used to report non-employee compensation. So, 1099 NEC was not replaced with form 1099 Misc.

In case, If the payer does not file 1099 NEC with Internal Revenue Service, then the payer has a chance to pay the IRS penalties. Therefore, the payer must issue a 1099 tax form before the due date with the Internal Revenue Service to avoid penalties.

A 1096 Transmittal Form is not required if you file 1099 forms electronically. For paper filing only, transmittal form 1096 is required.

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