Efile 1099 K: What Cryptocurrency Should Know about for 2022?

Have you received IRS Form 1099 K for cryptocurrency transactions made in the 2022 tax year? Ensure to report the payment on your tax return form. Efile 1099 K for cryptocurrency transactions.

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Efile 1099 K for Cryptocurrency transactions such as Coin base, Uphold, etc. To stay away from tax compliance & unwanted penalty risks, cryptocurrency exchanges must be reported to the IRS and the customers within the deadline.
What Cryptocurrency Should Know about for 2021?

When do you receive a 1099 K Form Cryptocurrency?

If you invest in cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitcoin, coin base, Uphold, etc & trade vigorously, then you receive income. The income is directly credited to your account via third-party networks. In this way, the payments you have received fall under “Third-party network transaction”. Therefore, the payments made to individuals via third-party networks of $600 or more in a tax year require “Form 1099 K”.

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What exactly is IRS 1099 K Tax Form?

Form 1099 K is familiarly known as the “Payment card or third-party network transaction return form”. As it is used to report payment card transactions of $600 or more made to an individual in a tax year. Also, it reports third-party network transactions (Cryptocurrency exchanges) of $20,000 or more with 200 individual payments in a calendar year.

When to file a 1099 K Tax Return?

According to the IRS, Payment settlement entities or else cryptocurrency agencies file Form 1099 K at the year-end. Also, they require to send out 1099 K copy B to the recipient by “January 31st” every year.

The due date to file Copy A with the IRS on two different dates. If you choose to submit form 1099 K via paper, then start filing on or before “February 28th every year. In case, you if filing 1099 K online with an IRS authorized e-file provider, file by “March 31st, 2023”.

How easy is the 1099 K e-file with Form 1099 Online?

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