1099-MISC Tax Forms For Platforms And Marketplaces

A 1099-MISC form: what is it? A tax information form called the 1099-MISC is often used to report any payments made to a contractor or service provider. This aids the IRS in keeping track of how much tax revenue contractors and independent contractors will likely generate. In contrast to regular, W-2 employees, who have their taxes routinely withheld by employers, independent contractors, considered to be a “business-of-one” when contracting, are responsible for managing their own taxes.

1099-MISC Tax Forms For Platforms And Marketplaces

Who submits a form 1099-MISC?

The organization or business owner who pays the service provider or contractor for their services must report such payments to the IRS and submit a copy to the payment recipient, who may be a service provider or contractor.

The 1099-NEC will now be used by many companies who previously filed the 1099-MISC to record non-employee compensation in Box 7.

Who gets a form 1099-MISC?

Both the service provider or contractor and the IRS receive copies—either through electronic filing or print mailing—for their records. Normally, businesses are only required to submit 1099-MISCs to service providers or contractors who have received $600 or more in compensation in a calendar year and who are based in the US or are US taxpayers.


The IRS must receive 2022 tax forms by January 20, 2023, via Stripe 1099. By doing this, the forms will be submitted to the IRS and a copy will be mailed to the beneficiaries in time for the January 31, 2023 IRS deadline.

Factors for 1099-MISC state filing:

Remember that your state can also have specifications and distinct due dates for submitting and reporting 1099-MISCs. To find out what paperwork you need to file with your state, we advise speaking with a tax advisor.

E-filing 1099-MISCs with the IRS versus mailing them

Anyone who issues more than 250 1099 forms must electronically file tax returns with the IRS. It is permitted to e-file even if fewer than 250 forms are being submitted.


You may be subject to IRS fines of $50 to $280 per form if any of the following occur:

  • Don’t submit an information return by the due date to the IRS.
  • Don’t deliver the statement to the receiver by the due date
  • Keep your Taxpayer ID (TIN) a secret
  • Please report a false TIN.
  • Declare false information
  • Don’t give the receiver all the information they need.

When compelled to e-file with the IRS, do not do so.

If willful disrespect or neglect is proven, harsher punishments may be applied.

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