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1099 Misc E-file Form For 2020 Tax Year

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Forms 1099 We Support

We support 1099-Misc, 1099-Int, 1099-NEC, 1099-K, 1099-R, 1099-A, and 1099-DIV online Forms.

Amazing 1099 E-filing Features

Quick and Easy 1099 Filing

Get instant and easy 1099 filing with the IRS. We provide user-friendly software to file the 1099-Misc Tax Form.A filer can easily and quickly File 1099-Misc with the help of our user-friendly software.

Accountant or Filer

Generally, accountants and filers handle multiple clients. We help you to handle multiple clients with a single account. Filer or accountant can easily handle multiple clients with form 1099 Misc Online Filing service.


People who operate businesses generally busy with their work. We provide the best filing service for filers who don’t have enough time for filing. We take responsibility for your entire filing process. Filer can save time by sending us his filing details.

Combined Federal/ State Filing

The Combined Federal/ State Filing Program mean an Information sharing agreement between participating states and the IRS. Form 1099 Online filing provides state filing for CFSF participating states.

Secure 1099 Filing

Form1099online.com uses high-level authentication for secure filing. Filer protects his personal information from theft by using high-level authentication.

Quick & Easy Setup

We made efile 1099 misc efile easy system. Our user-friendly software is designed to take the stress and confusion out of filing your 1099 forms.

Easy 1099 E-filing Process

pricing plan

Get affordable pricing service to file the 1099-Misc Forms with the IRS. Also, get a discounted price for filing multiple tax forms with the IRS.


  • 1-100
  • 101-500
  • 501 & Above

Federal e-File Only

  • $2.99/form
  • $1.99/form
  • $0.75/form

USPS Mail Only

  • $1.49/form
  • $1.49/form
  • $1.49/form

1099-Misc FAQ’s

Form1099online.com is an all inclusive solution for generating and e-filing your IRS Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-A, 1099-R, 1099-K and Corrections of those Forms. We have made a smart system you can quickly and easily enter your information to e-file your reports with the IRS along with generating and distributing the forms to your payees.

Form1099online.com is an IRS authorized 1099 E-file provider to file the 1099-Misc Forms with the IRS. It provides instant and easy 1099 Form E-filing. Filer can file his form with free account. For creating free account, filer needs to enter name, password, and E-mail id. Get free account within minutes to file the form with the IRS.

Yes, form1099online.com accepts to enter an unlimited number of payers and an unlimited number of payees with a single account.

Form1099online.com supports both ways either import the data or enter data manually on the form. Choose your way to fill out the form 1099-Misc

Filer does not need to file 1096 with the IRS if he files form 1099 electronically. 1096 form is required for paper filing only.

How to E File 1099 MISC?

Additional Services

  • Get a 24/7 filing service to file your 1099-Misc Online Form with the IRS.
  • We provide mobile portability service for 1099 electronic filing.
  • An immediate response from the customer service.
  • Easily file your bulk tax forms with the help of our user-friendly software.
  • We provide guidelines for easy 1099-Misc filing.

When Do You Need to E-file 1099-Misc Form?

The payer must issue E-file 1099-Misc Form with the IRS and the recipient if the payer paid the amount of $600 or more. And, file Form 1099 Online if payer pays at least $10 in royalties or broker payments in lieu of dividends or tax-exempt interest. Form 1099-Misc is used for reporting various types of payments with the IRS. Filer selects the payment category based on the type of payment. Also, filers who need to file more than 250 information returns must use electronic filing. Even if you have less than 250 Tax Forms to file, IRS encourages 1099-Misc E-filing.

Significant Changes of 1099-Misc Form

The IRS does change Form 1099-Misc 2020 due to the creation of Form 1099-NEC.

  • Before 2020, Form 1099-Misc Box 7 is used for reporting non-employee payments with the IRS. Now, Box 7 of the 1099-Misc Form is used for Direct Sales of $5,000 or more. Filer does not need to enter a dollar amount in this box.
  • For sales of $5,000 or more of consumer products to someone on a buy-sell, deposit-commission, enter an “X” in the checkbox.
  • Crop insurance proceeds are reported in box 9 of the Fillable 1099-Misc Form.
  • Gross profits to an attorney are reported in box 10 of Federal Tax 1099-Misc Form.
  • Box 12 of 1099-Misc 2020 is used for reporting section 409A deferrals.
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation revenue is reported in box 14.
  • Boxes 15, 16, and 17 of 1099-Misc were used to report state taxes withheld, state identification number, and amount of income earned in the state, respectively.

What is the 1099-Misc E-file Form Deadline?

Filer must issue a 1099-Misc Online Form to the IRS as well as the recipient before the deadline. If the filer wants to issue a printable 1099-Misc Form to the recipient, then filer must send the 1099 Form before or on February 1st, 2021. File your 1099-Misc E-file Form with the IRS by March 31st, 2021. If the due date falls on holidays or weekends, they must file the form 1099 on the next business day with the IRS.