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IRS 1099-Misc Form For 2021

1099-MISC efile on form1099online.com is quicker and easy Look No Further, We mail the 1099-MISC to Recipient and e-File 1099-MISC with IRS
  • Form1099online.com is an IRS certified E-file provider

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  • Form1099online.com provides 1099-Misc online filing with IRS and mailing copies to recipients

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Simple Process to E-FILE 1099-MISC

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    Free Registration

    Form1099online.com provides free registration to file an IRS 1099-Misc Tax Form with the IRS. Don’t need to pay any charges for the registration process. The registration process can complete within minutes to file an IRS 1099 Form. With a single registration account, a payer can file several tax forms throughout the year

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    Select Proper 1099 Form

    Select the correct 1099 Form after entering the dashboard. On the dashboard, we provide different tax forms for online filing with the IRS. Form1099online.com supports following 1099-A, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-Misc, 1099-NEC, 1099-R and 1099-K Online Forms. To select the proper form, click on the start new button

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    Fill Out with Accurate Info

    Form fills out with accurate details to file the 1099-Misc Form with the IRS. To file the 1099-Misc Form, enter the info of the payer, recipient, and payment details. If you have an existing payer, then you can select the payer name from the drop-down list. Get the payer details on the form directly if you select the payer from the drop-down list

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    Pay & Submit with IRS

    Select the filled 1099 form and submit with the Internal Revenue Service. Only, need to pay charges when you file your form with the IRS. If you want to file more 1099 Tax Forms, then click continue to submit forms to IRS. All the selected forms will be filed with the IRS. We directly transfer forms to your recipients after filing with IRS

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    Download & Print 1099 Form

    Finally, download and print the 1099 Form after completion of filing with the IRS. For downloading, don’t need to pay charges. A print copy can keep in your records for future purposes.


Easy 1099 Filing

Form1099online.com provides user-friendly software to file the forms with the IRS. Even first-time filers can easily file their forms with the IRS by using our friendly software

Instant Filing

We provide instant 1099 filing with the IRS. File your 1099-Misc Online form to the IRS without delay. Without visiting the IRS office, can directly transfer your form to the IRS


Generally, businesses busy with their hectic work. Form1099online.com gives the best opportunity for filers who are busy with their work. Filers can save their time by sending us 1099 Filing information. We take care of your total filing process with the IRS.

Bulk Upload Forms

File your several 1099 Forms easily with the IRS by using our friendly software. For filers who handle many clients prefer form1099online.com because it is the best option for E-filing with the IRS. A filer can easily file several forms with the IRS

Customer Support

We provide user-friendly customer support to filers. Clear your query instantly and complete the filing process with the IRS

Easy Navigation

File your 1099-Misc Form from anywhere from any place. We provide mobile portability. File your 1099 Form by using a laptop or mobile.



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Why prefer 1099-Misc E-file?

1099-Misc E-file on Form1099online.com is simple. Filers file their 1099 forms directly with the IRS and send copies to the recipients before the due date.

E-file 1099-Misc Form

IRS Form 1099-Misc is used for reporting different payments with the IRS. Filers use this form for reporting rents, royalties, medical and health care payments, gross proceeds, and other income payments. Filers must report the payment in the proper box based on the payment category. IRS uses this tax form amount for identifying the taxpayer who pays accurately or not.

Who must File Form 1099 Misc Online?

What is IRS Form 1099-Misc?

IRS Form 1099-Misc is an information return that gives about payer paid amount details to the IRS and other government agencies during the year. 1099 Tax Form is an IRS main weapon. IRS uses this form to identify the taxpayer who reports or pays accurate taxes or not on his federal tax return. IRS imposes various penalties if the payer intentionally fails to file a 1099 Form when required

Who Must Use E-file 1099-Misc Form?

Particularly, as per the IRS instructions for payers who are required to file 250 or more tax forms for any calendar year must file electronically. IRS motivates filers who want to file less than 250 Forms to file electronically as well

Benefits of 1099-Misc E-filing

Requirements to E-file Form 1099-Misc

Filer must collect the required 1099 filing information to issue the form with the IRS and recipient. To file the form 1099-Misc Online, the filer requires payer, payee, and payment details. Initially, enters the payer information then enter payee details. Filer must include payer name, payer address, payer TIN, payee name, payee current address, and payee Tax ID. The tax ID may be Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. Finally, enters the payment details on form 1099. Select the proper box for reporting payments. For instance, if the filer wants to report rental payments, then filer must use 1099-Misc Box 1 for reporting rental payments with the IRS.

What is the Deadline to E-file 1099-Misc Form?

Filer who wants to use the 1099-Misc online form must know the E-filing deadlines. Filer must issue a 1099-Misc E-file Form with the IRS and payee before the deadline. If filer uses online or paper forms, then filer must send a recipient copy By February 1st, 2021. File your E-file 1099-Misc Form to the IRS by March 31, 2021. If the 1099 E-filing due date falls on weekends, then file your form on the next working day.

Immediately File 1099 Online

Create an online account to file the 1099-Misc Online form with the IRS. Filer needs to enter his name, Email, and password for creating an account. Filer can use instant online filing service after creating an account. If the filer already has an account, then no need to create another account. Use old credentials to file the Form 1099-Misc Online with the IRS. Also, directly send your recipient a copy after completing the filing process.