Most of the filers worry about how to look up the 1099 Tax Return e-file status. So that, they can avoid the risk of penalties. Also, for a successful 1099 form filling. Here’s the solution! Form 1099 Online has provided an easy way to check the status of 1099 Tax Forms submitted online. Hence, stop getting tense & feel free to correct the errors within the Form 1099 deadline.

How to check the status of the submitted 1099 Forms?

Generally, filers are responsible to check the status of 1099 Forms submitted online. They can easily check the status of the Form 1099 return within a click. Follow the below steps to check the status after e-filing Form 1099 to the IRS:

  • Open
  • Log in with your credentials i.e., Username & password.
  • Select your business profile.
  • Click on check e-file status from the dashboard.
  • Enter your reference number.
  • Click on the Ok button.

By checking the status of your 1099 return it would be easy to whether your form is accepted or rejected. In case, if it is rejected, one can easily recorrect it within the deadline & re-file it. Hence, there would be zero possibilities for penalties & unwanted interests.

When do you need to check Form 1099 e-filing status?

Check the status of your submitted 1099 return if:

  • You don’t receive an email within five business days after e-filing Form 1099.
  • Received an email indicating incorrect Form 1099.

IRS 1099 Form e-filing status description

Here is the description of 1099 Tax Forms submitted online:

  • Good & released- Indicates that Form 1099 has been released and has gone for IRS processing.
  • Good & not released- Indicates that 1099 Form not released for IRS processing
  • Bad- Indicates that Form 1099 has errors(re-file the corrected form within the due date).
  • Not processed- Form 1099 received but no results.

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