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Efile 1099 DIV Online for 2021 Tax Year

Efile 1099 DIV Online for 2021: Do you know when to file 1099 DIV Tax Form online? According to the IRS, 1099 DIV Tax Form must be filed to report the dividends & distributions paid to the shareholders in a tax year.

Most of them confused whether e-filing 1099 Forms mandatory? The IRS instructs the taxpayers to choose e-filing for fast & accurate transmitting 1099 Tax Forms. Here are the details on e-file 1099 DIV for 2021. Know the required info & hassle-freely file information returns to the IRS.

Table of Contents

  1. Can I file 1099 DIV online?
  2. How do I E-file 1099 DIV Tax Form?
  3. When should I file Form 1099 DIV?
  4. Do I need to file IRS Form 1099 DIV with the State?

Can I file 1099 DIV online?

As per the IRS norms, the taxpayers who are submitting more than 250 1099 DIV Forms can file online. Moreover, the IRS recommends every taxpayer to choose e-file 1099 DIV even if they are submitting a single tax return for a calendar year.

For example, if you are filing a hundred Form 1099 DIV in a tax period, then you can choose either e-file or paper file. But e-filing is the easy & convenient way to submit tax returns from your door step. It also saves your time as well as money.

efile 1099 div online for 2021

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How do I E-file 1099 DIV Tax Form?

Banks, or any financial institutions can file 1099 DIV online with an IRS authorized e-file provider. Generally, the IRS provides e-file certification after conducting number of suitability checks. Follow the below steps to file Form 1099 DIV online:

Register for free

Sign up with an IRS approved e-file provider like Form 1099 Online by providing email address & phone number. Create a strong password to avoid tax scams.

Add business info

Enter your business name, address, & business type.

Choose 1099 DIV Form

Among all the information returns, choose “Form 1099 DIV” from the e-filing dashboard.

Key in required info

Fill in the requirements of IRS 1099 DIV Tax Form.

Review & submit

Double check the info provided & submit it to the IRS & to the recipient within the deadline.

For More info: How Do I Prepare to E-file Form 1099 DIV?

When should I file Form 1099 DIV?

Banks, mutual funds, or any other financial institutions must file 1099 DIV if:

  • Dividends & distributions valued at $10 or more in money or other property.
  • Withheld & paid foreign tax on dividends & other distributions on stock.
  • Withheld of any federal income tax on dividends under backup withholding rules.
  • $600 or more paid in money or other property as a part of liquidation.

Besides, most of the taxpayers confuse when to file 1099 DIV tax Form to the IRS & to the recipient. Here are the due date details of the tax form:

Issue Copy A to the IRS by February 28th through paper form, or e-file by March 31st every year.

Furnish recipient copy B by January 31st every tax year.

Do I need to file IRS Form 1099 DIV with the State?

Generally, when your state participates in Combined Federal & State filing program, the IRS directly Form 1099 DIV data to the respective states. According to the IRS guidelines, the states that are participated in CF/SF program are:


If in case, your state doesn’t participate in CF/SF program, then file 1099 DIV Tax Form directly with the state. Here are the states that requires direct filing: IA, IL, KY, NY, OR, PA, RI, UT, VA, WV, VT, DC

When your state’s doesn’t have income tax, then you only have to file federal 1099 DIV Form. These states include- AK, FL, NV, NH, SD, TN, TX, WA, WY

Ready to file Form 1099 DIV? Choose Form 1099 Online & e-file 1099 DIV Form online for the tax period 2021-22 comfortably. Register with us for a free e-file account & pay only when you submit with us. That’s the info about Efile 1099 DIV Online for 2021.

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