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Select the appropriate 1099 Form that you want to file as form 1099-MISC or 1099-INT or 1099-K or 1099-DIV etc. Click on Start New Form button to select the appropriate 1099 form. We support e-Filing, downloading and mailing 1099 tax forms online. You can key-in data directly to a 1099 tax form or import data via an Excel spreadsheet. Once a form is submitted, you can track your 1099 track the status on the E-filing history or submitted forms page to print PDF copies, or download 1099 forms to email recipients

E-FILE form 1099

Enter Info

Enter Info of the payer, recipient and form anoumt. On this page you have to enter Form 1099 information. First enter the Payer info or if you have an existing Payer select payer from the drop down. Secondly enter the Recipient info or if you have an existing Recipient select payer from the drop down. Finally enter the Form 1099-MISC info between Box Number 1 - 14 and click on Save and Continue to proceed further your filing.

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Select the filled form and submit. Here completes your 1099 form filing needs. Please select the payer and click continue to submit forms to IRS. All the selected payers forms will be transmitted to IRS

E-FILE form 1099

Download & Print

On this page you will have the access to Download all the submitted forms. You will also see the IRS filing status of all the submissions.

E-FILE form 1099